The Black Arts

The Black Arts: Miles seen from my Living Room - 2011“The Black Arts:  Miles seen from my Living Room” (2011)

Miles Carmichael came to my house to hang out wearing a chocolate brown shirt.  He sat on my chocolate brown couch.  We laughed about his camo.  We proceeded to watch the TV, get tipsy and riff.  He decided to spend the night on my couch.   I brought him a pillow and blanket, both chocolate brown.  We laughed again.  He laid down and I said “We should totally take a picture of this and put it above my couch!”  He said “YES!!!!  We HAVE to!!!!”  Three years later, with the help of Justin Alpern and his super-camera, we made good on our pact.

“The Black Arts” is not just a one-liner, though it began as one.  It is a scene from the artist’s real life, restaged and re-presented in a gallery as “Art”.  This work also references color field paintings in it’s structure, pose and palette.  The photo, as well as the couch, create a small window into the life of the artist and her “subject”.