From Here to Eternity…..

(2001-forever) is just what it appears to be:  a growing collection of prescription medication bottles from the time of my diagnosis until I die.  This “project” confirms my status as hoarder of detritus.  This collection, though it appears large to a typical person, is actually much, much smaller than it should be.  There were many occasions when I forgot to take my medication or simply went off the pills for short to long periods of time out of frustration due to the lack of symptom relief, or the thought that I was better off without medication all together.

I also saved all of the medications that I was prescribed that did not get used because I was switched to a different medication mid-stream or decided that it was not for me. Worst Party Ever is a bowl of these leftover medications.  It has come to my attention, via television (where else??) that the kids these days are having “pharm-parties”, which means they steal pills from home or buy them off the streets and go to a party, dump their stash in a bowl and everybody takes what they want.  Gross.  The plan, which is technically challenging as I have made multiple attempts, is to make a clear plastic piñata to encase the leftovers pills.  This piñata would be displayed with a tiny bat hanging from a string.  I have always loved the prescription books that have photographs of each drug because they are all different:  I consider this book a design book.  Many of my leftovers look like candy, hence the piñata.